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Herding Dog Training Melbourne 12/11/2011
Herding dog basic training with Paul Macphail
Four month old kelpie pup first time on sheep
Alphie training to herd sheep in Melbourne
Rottweilers herding sheep
Bobbee and her Rottweilers herding sheep in round yard
Kelpie/Border Collie pup herding sheep for first time
Rebecca and Banjo at herding sheep training Melbourne
Border Collie training in Melbourne
Herding dog training in small paddock with Paul Macphail
Red dog herding sheep in Melbourne
Herding dog training in small paddock


 Herding Dog Training Classes For City Slickers

Classes held on weekends.
Classes are popular. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Call Charlie on 0409 538 536

Charlie Brincat
Call 0409 538 536


Herding Dog Trainer

Charlie Brincat is a herding dog trainer and loves to pass his skills on to others wishing to train their best friends, in the art of herding.

Charlie's own journey started with his own best friend who was, let's say, over enthusiastic and under appreciated in the regular dog training classes. Charlie recognised his best friend had an instinct for herding and attended herding dog training classes, where his dog was at last at home. The rest is history.

Charlie found that by providing suitable training, his best friend excelled and both gained a lot of enjoyment, an experience Charlie now enjoys sharing with others.

Charlie holds regular herding dog  training classes conveniently located in the Melbourne suburb of Kilsyth.


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